Cannot wait to try these!!

Sticky Pinny

Last Sunday I decided to make a return to the Ironcupcake:Leeds competition. I haven’t been for about 8 months sadly due to one thing and another but I decided I needed to get myself out there again….I have previously entered 3 times and won the last 2 times I entered, which gives me a 66.6% success rate…But could I do it again?? I have been keeping an eye on the competition over the past few months, and I have to admit, the competition is fierce!

Sticky Pinny Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcake

(Cut to a Rocky training montage, but instead of drinking raw eggs and running up and down stairs think of me eating cake batter and chasing a cat out of the kitchen with a wooden spoon…)

For those who don’t know what Iron Cupcake is, it’s actually a global competition that was started over in the US (Milwaukee to be exact). It usually happens monthly…

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